THE INVENTOR – Dato’ (DR) Siow Kuang Ling

Dato’ (Dr) Siow Kuang Ling was born in Malaysia, 1943. It was the hardship of surviving in that era that moulded his overall character to become who he is today. The death of his father who had suffered from a severe illness greatly influenced him to be a surgeon. Dato’ (Dr) Siow then pursued medical studies in Japan, Fukushima Medical University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in 1971. To continue learning, Dato’ (Dr) Siow furthered his studies and obtained a Degree in Anaesthesia in 1974. In 1978, he was awarded by Japan, Fukushima Medical University a Doctorate of Philosophy (PHD) during his service in Johor Bahru General Hospital. In 1979, he studied Professional Acupuncture in Beijing Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and later on completed Plastic Surgeon qualification in 1985.

During his service in Johor Bahru General Hospital, he was the appointed surgeon to the Johor Royal family. Upon the success of 3 surgeries on the late late His Royal Highness Sultan Ismail Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Ibrahim Al-Masyhur , he was bestowed with 3 state titles; SMJ (1977), DSIJ & DPMJ (1979). While in his private practice since 1980, many patients have benefited from Dato’ (Dr) Siow’s combination of Western Medical science and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture treatment. Many cases have shown that the effect of his combination treatment is colossal.

Dato’ (Dr) Siow interest in Japan culture stems from his early experience of studying in Japan,his interest continued even after he had returned to his homeland. He acted as a bridge that brought Japanese culture influence into society. Since 1980 he has still been engaged as the President of Japan Graduates Association of Malaysia (JAGAM). In 2000, he initiated the “BONDORI” Japanese Annual Festival Johor Bahru that attracts tens of thousands of people to learn and experience more about the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Dato’ (Dr) Siow turned all his years of thinking to erudite inventions on areas related the field of medicine and living. The philosophy in his inventions is to provide medical innovation and to enhance lifestyle. Among his inventions, 5 of them have won more than 20 awards from National and International Innovation competitions. Dato’ (Dr) Siow has become the first Malaysian who has won the most invention awards.

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