Mediglobal Pendulum Cap Apparatus


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Mediglobal anti drip auto cap 1


By introducing an automatic dispenser that closes and opens when tilted with no extra effort need to be made but hygiene level of the food industry is raised. The Pendulum cap utilises an innovative and simple fulcrum technology to effect the automatic open & close of a dispenser bottle, which helps to prevent the spread of disease and raise the overall experience of sanitation on dinner tables.

Mediglobal auto cap shaker

Pendulum cap
  • Simple fulcrum technology- Anti drip Auto cap

  • Helps to prevent the spread of disease

  • Promotes food hygiene & raises sanitation

  • Keep food ingredients fresh and unpolluted

  • Able to be custom-made in any condiment , seasonings bottle & edible oil bottle

Types of Products Using Pendulum Cap

1. JIDO Sauce

mediglobal JIDO sauce

2. Luxury Pet Bottle

mediglobal luxury pet bottle

3. Shaker

mediglobal Shaker

4. Grinder

mediglobal grinder




Awards Winning

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