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As a doctor, Dato’ Dr. Siow knows that it is so important for a patient to take their medicines in accurate volume, but it is almost impossible for the doctor to ensure every patient will use the right dispensing tool to do it.

So,he invented medicine dispenser. This unique Medicine dispensing cap will solve that problem.

With millions of bottles of medicine consumed each day, simplifying the consumption of medicine will not only save time, but also safer for patients as it prevents overdosage.

One can accurately measure volume by simply tilting the bottle. (With sample concept of pendulum cap, which is fixed on a condiment bottle, will automatically open and shut when the bottle is tilted).

The liquid will flow into a measuring reservoir that gets rid of the excess liquid when tilted back up-wards, thereby giving an accurate measurement every time. It works with existing bottles for cost effective implementation.

Mediglobal Medicine dispenser 2

  • Measures accurate volume without using a measuring cup or spoon

  • Prevents overdose

  • Faster and simpler use

  • Great for hospitals, wards, homes with elderly patients or children

  • Can fixed volume of any sizes, and even in multi-volume variations

  • Can custom made for any kind of medicine/ liquid bottle.


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