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The I.V. Drip Mobile Intravenous Administration Apparatus enables patients to move around in hospitals, disaster areas, in the military field or anywhere an I.V. drip is needed.

With its lightweight construction, a patient can strap the I.V. drip onto the shoulder through a harness should there be a need to relocate to another area.

mediglobal iv drip 2015This enables the user to travel unimpeded to the washroom, to other parts of the hospital for check-ups and even to the garden outside for a breath of fresh air.

The patented device, through add-on feature, enables the nurse station to:

  • Easy communication via a built-in radio chip

  • Find out the location of the patient via GPS

  • Alert when the I.V. content is low

  • Unrestricted movement for patient

  • Lightweight and strong instrument

  • The invention received a unanimous acceptance in the Geneva Inventions Expo 2011, winning an Honorary Gold Award for its potential applications in the medical field.




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Mediglobal IV Drip