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Dato’ (Dr) Siow’s invention journey started in 2006. As a surgeon he carried out numerous circumcision surgeries and he encountered many complications during and post-surgery that were traumatic to both the patient and surgeon. He wanted to design new modification on the circumcision clamp he has been using over the years.

Therefore he invented the Circumcision Device. This invention is precise and innovative solutions designed to solve the problems that many surgeons face during the circumcision procedure. Circumcision device is so efficient during surgery and safe according to both patients and general practitioners.

The Circumcision device eliminates the risk for errors via a simple, step by step surgery. With a protector shielding the glans and spikes engineered to cut the precise skin length aesthetically, it is one the safest circumcision surgical kits in the world.




Key Features

  • Innovative feature protects glans from accidents

  • Less than 3 minutes for surgery

  • No stitching and post-surgery bleeding

  • Aesthetically clean, precise cut for circumcision

  • Device is very light

  • Non-intrusive device drops off by itself after skin heals

  • Patients able to resume daily activities immediately





The Protect Star protects the glans from accidental cuts from the surgical knife or scissors. The spike allow the excess skin to be hooked onto and adjusted for the precise length of cut. At the end of surgery, the top spike section will be broken off for the healing process.




After attaching this ring, a practitioner is able to more precisely adjust the skin length by preventing the slipping of the device.




The Guide Ring is fitted onto the glan to act as a guide for the procedure. It also provides a lock reversal system for practitioners to unlock the device in case of emergency.




Screwing this lock applies pressure onto the skin thus inducing the Hemostasis effect. Once locked, the Anti – Tempering design prevents the unlocking or loosening of the device.


This device is suitable for circumcision to all age groups, ranging from neonatal to adults.

Mediglobal data


In Malaysia, a statistic of 2011 indicates there are a population 1,684,274 of muslim teenagers that fall under the category of 5 to 9 years that needs circumcision.

The Total Circumcision needed in East Asia is around 3,000,000 procedures per year.The annual number of circumcision in world is around 20,000,000.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced their recommendation about the increasing the level of male circumcision among the 14 countries in East Coast of Africa and Sub-saharan Africa. This recommendation means that 65 million circumcision procedure is to be done during the next 10 years.

HIV has taken the lives of 2 million people per year, with 2/3 of these deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2007, the World Health Organization and UNAIDS cited that voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) can reduce the risk of HIV infection by approximately 60% in high risk areas.

Dato’ (Dr) Siow is highly confident that this invention is the easiest, safest, fastest, and most convenient circumcision surgery set in the market. This device can benefit millions of people with its near zero risk, faster healing and no disruption to post-surgery lifestyle. A faster, smoother and no hassle surgery procedure will also minimize the post-surgery trauma suffered by medical practitioners when their patients complain of bleeding. As at to date, more than 100 clinical test were carried out on adults and around 10 clinical tests done on teenagers.


Awards Winning


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